EMDRIA Therapy and Genesight Testing

Posted by flow65 @flow65, Jun 21 7:57pm

I’m not sure if I’m reposting. I tried to post it didn’t come up. Sorry.
I had a virtual visit with a psychiatric nurse practitioner. First time. My husbands insurance listed her for genesight testing for meds. I see a psychiatrist and a therapist. I was told before by my psychiatrist I’ve been traumatized. Possibly from pandemic. My psychiatrist doesn’t believe genesight testing is accurate. Now this practitioner asked many questions and also mentioned EMDRIA therapy. It sounds scary. Has anyone had experience with genesight testing or EMDRIA therapy? If so, what was the experience good or bad? Thank you.

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@flow65. My apologies if you are seeing this twice. My computer shows that my original message did not get posted.

I personally do not have any experience with Genesight. I'm hopeful that another Connect member can help you with this question.

I do have information on EMDR that I hope will be helpful to you. EMDR is the acronym for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. The IA in EMDRIA is for International Association.

EMDR is a treatment for PTSD. The mental health therapist who administers EMDR has been trained and certified in this method. The VA's National Center for PTSD has a very good description of EMDR as well as other treatments. This page was recently updated which means that the VA is keeping their information up-to-date.

I will note that the VA endorses EMDR as there is considerable research that shows its effectiveness. The issue is finding a therapist who is trained and certified in EMDR. When you are looking into mental health therapists you will find that anyone who has been certified in EMDR will indicate this in their About Information. Here is the VA website where you find these different treatment methods for PTSD and the research resources on the methods.
I hope this helps. Will you please come back here and tell me what you have learned and if there are other questions I can help with?

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