Not a candidate for elective surgery due to PMR or steroids?

Posted by stleg @stleg, Sep 22 7:49am

Has anyone been told by a surgeon or their rheumatologist your not a candidate for elective surgery due to PMR or being on steroids? TIA

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My orthopedic doctor says to wait on my shoulder till I am off the steroids.


@stleg, did your doctor explain why you're not a candidate for elective surgery? Might you be a candidate if you can wean off medication?

This article may help shed some light or guide you to what questions to ask.
– Precautions for Patients on Steroids Undergoing Surgery:


I had have a lumpectomy yesterday (not elective of course). My rheumey wanted my surgeon to perscribe my dosing of steroids and she kicked it back in his court since he is the perscriber (which makes sense.) so what he did was double my dose the day before and the day after, but nothing the day of the surgery. (Not allowed to eat, I think.) Anyway, the anesthesiologist asked me about what I was taking ect. and was prepared to give me extra if blood pressure fell and looked like I was going into adrenal shock. All went well and she didn't need to but it was nice to not have it worry about. As for elective, most likely they are worrying about healing properly. I would ask particulars and reasoning and then discuss with rheumatologist.


Last year I had back surgery at Mayo. I had to taper off Prednisone prior to it. Then had a horrible flare.


My orthopedic surgeon refused to do my shoulder replacement surgery while I am on prednisone. Another surgeon said no problem, he will do it. Said infection is the biggest risk and he knows how to deal with it. He said people on long term steroids have needed surgeries all the time. Larger hospitals are more prepared and experienced with possible complications from being on steroids.

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