ED versus Libido

Posted by glenner075 @glenner075, Oct 18, 2018

For some time I have been asking the question, is Erectile Disfunction different from Libido. The reason for a difference might be that the hormones associated with Libido may cause a lack of interest in sexual activity whereas ED is driven by simple stimulation. My Doctors suggest that they are the same. I have low libido but my ED is reasonably okay. Any thoughts?

That is my problem as well glenner 075. So what do you do about it?? Any good supplements out there , or natural herbs, etc.?


Ethan, I finally understand that PE stands for Premature Ejaculation. I would be happy with any PE if I could solve my ED/Libido problem.

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I've been seeing a urologist because I developed sudden urgent urinary incontinence – the incontinence is only a few drips before I get to the bathroom. Oxybutynin has helped. The second reason for seeing him is ED. Today we talked about treatment options for ED. The first one is Viagra. Been there, tried it, stopped working. On to option 2, a pump. Tried it, turned my wife off. Option 3, inject the penis a few minutes before it's needed. I'm. No.

That leaves one more, option 4. A penile implant. A pump is inserted in the scrotum, a container of a fluid in the stomach, connected to something that inflates the penis and keeps it hard until the pressure is released.

I'm leaning toward option 4. It's all internal, nothing visible, it's said to look and feel like a normal erection. I wonder if anyone here has any knowledge or experience with this.

Now that I've written this, I probably should have started a new thread. Ethan, can you do that?



Hi @jimhd I am unable to move this particular post to start a new thread, but you can certainly start one with this information. If need be here is more information on starting a new discussion: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/get-started-on-connect/

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