Ears, Nose, Throat, Arm???

Posted by deedee2020 @deedee2020, Mar 24, 2020

I developed a slight sore throat last night… I know it's not Covid-19… haven't been exposed… zero cases here or anywhere in a 1 hour radius in either direction (knock on wood) plus no cough, no fever, not feeling fatigued, no shortness of breath

Anyhoodles… I woke up this morning… most of the throat pain is on the right… I have a stuffy nose but it's mostly on the right, my right ear is a little plugged today… and now my upper right arm hurts like I just got a tetanus shot… it could be the way I slept… but it's just weird that everything is on the right..

Still no fever, no body aches other than the arm, no shortness of breath, no headache, no fatigue… just a plugged ear, stuffy nose, sore throat and stiff arm, on the right side.


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@deedee2020 Well first off I’d like to say thank you for giving me my new favorite expression, “anywhoodles”. I am sorry to hear you are having these troubling symptoms. Have you done airway clearance for the day, both your lungs and sinuses?


@brigby Lol I have a lot of technical terms…. like hoo ha, shi-shi, doohickey… I should have been a doctor.

I have no issue with my lungs at all… No shortness of breath, no pain, I can take deep breaths with no issues… my sinuses aren't that bad either. No pain, congestion is not severe. My throat doesn't hurt when swallowing all that bad, nor is it all that annoying as it would be if I had strep. My ear doesn't hurt, it's just a little plugged feeling…

it's just strange that it's all on the right side including upper arm pain. But… I do have suspected Autoimmune disease (suspected because doctors haven't pinpointed exactly what since my blood work keeps giving conflicting results even though all my symptoms scream Lupus or MCTD)… so I don't know if it's just an odd flare up. (normally my flares include costochontritis pain and edema)


I should also note, my tongue is all white and dry feeling


@deedee2020 Hi i have a sinus drainage issue that gives me similar issues. And because they seem to be on one side is that a side you like to sleep on? After many tries at different decongestants i found a nice saline rinse with a neti pot works for me. I use the squeeze type but have used the pot too. It might help. The shoulder pain i have too but i still haven't figured that one out yet. My best guess on that is i pulled it maybe playing Golf and it just doesn't want to heal. I'm on immosuppressants and everything for me takes forever to heal.


@deedee2020 I've been wondering how you've been feeling lately? Are you still having symptoms like a plugged ear, stuffy nose, sore throat, and stiff arm on your right side?

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