Earmolds appear to cause sinus issues

Posted by tphillips3254 @tphillips3254, Feb 15 9:15am


Last week I received through the VA a pair of Phonak Audeo Life hearing aids with Phonak earmolds. My previous pair, which I bought before I was accepted into the VA, were Starkey Livo 1200 with domes.

When I wear the Phonaks with the earmolds, my sinuses dry up, leaving me feeling as if I have a head cold. Nasal spray offers a temporary solution. I went back to the VA about this. The audiologist made the vent holes larger to see if that would help. It does not.

I have noticed my sinuses return to normal about 45 minutes after I remove the earmolds. I have never had this problem with the domes. In fact, today I am wearing the Starkeys with no issues. And, I don't feel like I have a cold.

I was wondering if anyone has experienced this and how the problem was resolved. Domes are an easy solution, but the earmolds make my hearing so much better. I don't want to give up on the earmold avenue at this point.


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That sounds frustrating, especially because you are hearing better with the ear molds. I think most people would agree that custom fit ear molds are more effective than domes are. However, to be clear, some hearing aids can only be used with domes.

Cast earmolds are skillfully cast, much like dental inlays and crowns are. Sometimes they don't fit perfectly, and the audiologist has to make adjustments by filing them down very carefully so they fit properly. Without that perfect fit, they can irritate the skin and cartilage in the ear. That is a standard part of the services audiologists provide.

Domes can be cast out of a few different materials. Some people need a specific material to avoid allergies. I wonder if a different material would make a difference for you.

Did the VA audiologist discuss options on ear mold material with you?


I saw the audiologist this past Friday. She is having new earmolds made out of silicone based on the idea I may be allergic to the first set of earmolds. That will take a couple or so weeks. In the meantime, she placed domes on my hearing aids.

I am hoping the silicone earmolds are the solution. The difference between earmolds and domes is like night and day. My hearing was so much better with the earmolds. Otherwise, I can't tell much difference between these hearing aids and my original hearings (which had domes).

I will update once I have the near earmolds.

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