Ear tubes for flying

Posted by sometireguy @sometireguy, Nov 1, 2023

I have had a problem flying my entire life. I'm 47. I just took a job that requires me to travel. My Dr said he could put tubes in to relieve the ear pain but it would sound like conk shells over my ears and I wouldn't like it. So my question has anyone had tubes in as an adult and what did it do to your hearing? I have talked to two other people and they said after a couple weeks everything went back to normal. How bad is the hearing change?

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@sometireguy I was thrilled to get tubes in my ears for flying back in my working days. Otherwise I had serious pain and twice I had eardrums that ruptured internally - the layers separated & it filled with blood requiring ER trips. I did not notice anything weird about the sounds. I had them 2-3 times over the years.

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