Ear thumping and strange sound

Posted by heathers93 @heathers93, Jan 16 7:45am

Occasionally, I can raise either hand and gently touch anywhere on my head and I hear a rapid tapping sound in my right ear. It's faster than a heartbeat. I'd guess 2-3 thumps per second.

The second issue which is causing the most frustration is (the only way I can describe it) that it sounds like a broken speaker in a way. Very discomforting. I can be on the passenger side of the car and some bass tones causes a weird sound/feeling in my ear. Sometimes it just happens when I'm talking to someone-more often in a noisy room. And it even happens when I'm talking to someone on speakerphone and the speaker is pointed on that side.

I have had these issues for over 9 months now and my ENT hasn't offered a solution or pointed to a possible cause. (Both issues are in the same ear). I've had 2 hearing tests and they both have came back showing some low tone hearing loss but nothing else.

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