Ear thumping

Posted by amylyn53 @amylyn53, Oct 23, 2022

For as long as i can remember my right ear feels and sounds like a drum beating. The thing is it happens when I have the phone to my left ear talking then every syllable thumps in my right ear, if someone is on my left side talking it does the same thing. It's very very annoying and I would love to know why, and if there is a way to prevent it. Also if I lay on my right side with my ear on the pillow so that most of what I'm hearing from the tv is from the left side it does the same thing.

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...am curious to read comments...I would put my own issues here which are hard to take with hearing loss , tinnitus , hyperacusis , but not exactly what you are experiencing but similar enough to sympathize ... i also get eustachian tube pain and fullness and echo so hoping some replies help me too.... I hope you find some help as although not life threatening is life altering isnt it... J.


I have been experiencing that my right ear thumps with every syllable spoken when someone with a deep voice is talking on my left side only. Have you had any luck finding out what is happening hear. I can't seem to find an answer it's definitely not my heartbeat.

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