Ear problems: Many diagnoses but no solutions, getting desperate

Posted by kelly44doug @kelly44doug, Dec 15, 2021

ive been diagnosed with several differnt diagnoses.such as yeast ear.atopic dermatitis of the ear.rhinuititus and nothing has seemed to cure my situatiom. im beside myself.so many symptoms still even ruptured eardrum .can anyone relate?

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Hi @kelly44doug, you sound at the end of your rope. It must be so frustrating to get different diagnoses, but no solutions. Are you working with an ENT specialist?


I have many ear problems as well. Luckily, mine were discovered by a neurotologist at Mayo. I had similar symptoms to you, but I had a Cholesteatoma. It caused all kinds of problems with my ear, but was not visible to the eye. So I had to have many scans to find it. I had a successful surgery in 2016 that corrected it. Is not perfect, but much better than it used to be.

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