Ear Pain with Throat Cancer

Posted by saift @saift, Dec 25, 2022

What kind of Ear Pain does a person experience when he has throat Cancer? Is it a Non-Stop ear Pain that never goes away OR is it a small ear pain that comes and goes every now and then?

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I have ear pain that's fairly constant. I have been getting some relief taking aspirins.


I had it periodically for months, no Infection, so Thought it was from My Sinus, it wasn't Pain that was unbearable, but Tylenol didn't even Help it, so I just ignored it, until I started getting a Hoarse Voice, my GP referred me to an ENT, Lo & Be Hold Lesions on my Larynx..Radiation twice daily, finished 3/22, no recurrence as of yet, but still have side effects including mild ear pain..We're you Diagnosed yet ?


I had severe ear pain which is what got me into the doctor. Though I was misdiagnosed as TMJ(twice) I was found to be in stage IV base of tongue and throat cancer. The ear pain was due to a tumor pressing a nerve which caused permanent damage and I will have ear pain for the rest of my life.


@saift, I'd like to add my welcome along with the responses you got from @mojo244 @jbj and @anybody10. A few members have also mentioned tinnitus along with ear pain. Do you experience tinnitus too?

Saift, have you been diagnosed with throat cancer or are you concerned that this ear pain is a symptom of cancer?

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