Is there an eye drop for macular degeneration?

Posted by dianais @dianais, Oct 10, 2020

is there a eye drop for degeneration. Doc only says to take ared 2????????????

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@dianias. welcome to connect I have macular Degeneration and that's all the Opthalmologist gives me 2x a day Do you have a photo of your optic nerve I have once a year and visual field for my Glucoma unfortunately I don't have a eye drop for Degeneration I have dry eyes so glad I don't or that would mean 5-6 drops a day ug


Hi @dianais I have changed your question to say, Is there an eye drop for macular degeneration? This way people are very clear about what your discussion is asking.

@sut @imallears and @marsha357 have discussed macular degeneration in the past. Perhaps they have some insight.

Did you doctor tell you what to expect from ared2 and the purpose?



I was diagnosed with early onset dry macular degeneration about six years ago in both eyes. At that time my doctor prescribed Ocuvite eye vitamins and then after a year or so he told me to take Preservision with an Areds 2 formula and lutein. I have taken two daily since then. He was also adamant about diet and recommended lots of leafy greens. His assistant gave me further details and was recommended a colorful diet …..that is red orange and green vegetables, foods with Omega3, no processed foods , eye healthy fruits and to stop smoking if I did. I took that information to heart and adopted a new way of eating. You know that what you eat affects every organ in your body. My MD has remain stable for the last six years and when I had an eye exam for new glasses from a different doctor, he said I didn’t need any new glasses and that my left eye has actually improved to 2020 vision.

I had asked him about eyedrops in the past and I remember him saying that they were not that effective and he doesn’t recommend any. I understand they are still doing research on that. I know there used to be injections but they have have also proven not that effective. My right eye is the one I am more concerned about because I had a retinal detachment in the 1980s. Currently I have macular edema in that eye but it has almost disappeared with injections.

So my advice to you is yes, to take the vitamins along with an eye healthy diet and regular eye exams. If you have dry eyes I recommend a lubricant daily.
You doctor may have suggested that. Make exercise a part of your lifestyle and wear sunglasses when outside. Make sure the vitamin has the Areds 2 and lutein and purchase all vitamins from a reputable source. I personally do not order vitamins from Amazon but that is my choice. Not only has the diet helped my eyes but it has energized me and I have never been as healthy as I am today.

FL Mary


dianais, It's not an eye drop but check out a fat soluble thiamine called benfotiamine.


I also have been diagnosed with macular degeneration with a bulge in the lining, that hasn't really changed in the last year. I take 2 of the vitamins a day.
I was seeing the doctor every 3 months, but since there has been no change I go every 6 months.

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