Dry skin after chemo and radiation treatments: Anyone else?

Posted by mark1961 @mark1961, May 4 5:33pm

After chemo and radiation treatments and the loss of 50lbs I have very dry flaky skin has anyone else experience this, if so what do you do for it, I have tried oils and lotions even the ones my oncologist recommends nothing seems to work

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This product isn't some luxurious product. It's very greasy but effective.

“It has been in production since 1899. The formula was purchased by John L. Norris from a Wells River, Vermont, druggist sometime before the turn of the century. Originally, it was used for only cows' udders, but farmers' wives noticed the softness of their husbands' hands, and started using the product themselves.”

Here's a link


Mixing drops of calendula oil into unscented Cerave lotion helps for me. I’m still really dry, but not quite as flaky & itchy.


I have a dear friend going through treatments and she is using the Cetaphil cream that comes in a big tub. You can get this at Walmart. I hope this helps.

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