Dry eyes, dry mouth, daytime sleepiness.

Posted by smoke1009 @smoke1009, Sep 17, 2022

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Well, I have had a dry mouth and eyes for more than two and a half months now, the first suspicion I had was that maybe I could have an autoimmune disease such as Sjogren's syndrome or maybe some type of diabetes, the fact is that I went to the doctor for those symptoms that I had in addition to excessive sleepiness during the day (which I still have) and she asked me for a blood and urine test, which I did and took it to her, in itself everything was relatively well; glycosinated hemoglobin levels, tsh levels, cholesterol, insulin, etc. Everything except my uric acid level, which was quite high (9 something) which would be hyperuricemia, she prescribed allopurinol for 3 months and told me that my dry mouth and eyes could have been caused by my high levels of uric acid. The thing is, I actually searched through many internet sites to see if high uric acid levels were somehow related to dry mouth and found nothing (I'm talking pretty trustworthy medical sites). So I would like a professional to solve this doubt for me, so as not to be taking my daily medication for 3 months when my dry mouth could be something else. Thanks in advance.

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Have you been seen by a rheumatologist to confirm or rule out Sjogren's syndrome?


Sounds like me!! Have had lots of tests and only one (ANA) indicated "possible" autoimmune. Keep seeing different doctors for individual symptoms. But can't seem to get solid answer. Have an appointment for rheuatologist. Saw an endroconologist and he wants me to get more calcium in diet as there is suspicion that I might have a parathyroid problem.

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