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Drug interactions

Posted by @patton77 in Mental Health, Mar 15, 2012

My doctor put me on propanolol celexa and xanex for anxiety. I'm scared to take all of this medication. Has anyone else taken this combo?

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Posted by @roxie43, Mar 16, 2012

If you had concerns why didn't you discuss with your provider? Don't forget that ultimately you are in control of your treatment and if something concerns you the doc should know.
Propanolol is actually a beta blocker used for hypertension and more recently is has been used for panic disorders including anxiety.
Celexa is an anti-depressant that can also help with anxiety.
Xanax is for anxiety which can also help with sleep.
So, if you have a discussion with your provider you might see that depending on dosages this may be a therapeutic cocktail of psychotropics.
Hopefully, you will feel less anxious.
God bless you,


Posted by @roxie43, Mar 16, 2012

I hope I was helpful. I don't think this site wants us acting like pharmacist but I know my meds. Dear, as long as you feel better don't worry. But if you feel you cannot tolerate the meds or feel to sedated call your doc and discuss your concerns.


Posted by @katiegrace1027, Jun 3, 2012

I would talk to your doctor about starting the medications slowly, one at a time. That way if you have a bad reaction to it you know which one it is. It's kinda like when you start feeding babies food. Xanex will work right away and only works when you take it so I'd try that first.


Posted by @hopingforacure, Jun 3, 2012

Could you help me, please? I'm new to this and have tried posting things 3 times, but get no responses. I must be doing something wrong. Could really use some support for chronic pain. Would you help me get going with this? Thank you.


Posted by @jjohn, Sep 30, 2012

Ihave lived with chronic pain for 18 yr's i'm not sure if there is a answer.But still looking and hoping, i have tried all kind's of med's. The pain keep's from being able to even wear shoe's at time's.I am currently on remicade for tiff muscle's froming tighten up and gabapentin,nortriptyline work together stops muscle spams. narcotic's pain But still have burning pain.Hoping to get in at mayo, that's it


Posted by @hopingforacure, Oct 1, 2012

I never got into Mayo. Tried, but no luck. Went to Cincinnati to meet with a group of docs there, but didn't get any definitive answers. Just started going to a Naturologist and having some tests run. He gave me a bunch of vitamins, compounded substances to take which actually seem to be helping. I am convinced that my body is missing something it needs to heal itself and I'm on a mission to find someone that can help me without drugging me. I hate the feeling of not having clarity of mind. Acupuncture helps me, too. I am also going to try meditation and I've started eating as much organic food as possible. Fresh foods; veggies and fruits, soy milk' anything that isn't processed. I pray that you find relief soon.


Posted by @jjohn, Oct 2, 2012

I have been a vegatarian my whole life,some healthy eating give me minor releif.but not good enough.Ijust posted to this site for the first time.Went to my dr. the next day, have already been contacted by mayo clinic and they are setting up an appointment for me.Will post back when i have a date.
I only have medicare


Posted by @hopingforacure, Oct 3, 2012

Wow! My doctor tried referring me and was turned down. I'm amazed and so happy for you! I hope they have answers that will give you relief and allow you to have joy and peace in your life again. I have good insurance, but I think that since I had surgery so recently on my neck/spine that they are not willing to see me. I went back to the doctor who did the surgery, but he didn't have much to offer. I just keep pushing forward; trying different types of non traditional therapies. I'm hopeful. I first posted here a few months back when the pain started, but have only a couple of replies over the months. I'm here if you want to correspond. I will send positive energy your way and hope that Mayo is the answer for you!

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