Drinking booze and effects on blood sugar.

Posted by vinnie @vinnie, Apr 17, 2020

I just want to share my experience with being a diabetic and drinking booze! I've been pre-diabetic since about 2000 and then starting will pills about 10 years after that. I went on Lantus injections and then Toujeo 5 or 6 years ago.
My once a day injection was for 24 units each night,
Then I quit drinking my usual gin on the rocks every night! It was amazing! I went from 24 units of Toujeo every night to 12 or 14 units a night!
I only want to share my information thinking those that have a heavy drug bill every month may want to lower it.
Be safe.

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Congratulations Vinnie!! Proud of you for cutting back on the Gin!!


Hello @vinnie and welcome to Mayo Connect

How great that you were able to reduce your diabetes med by cutting out alcohol. That is great news! This is very helpful information for all diabetics who also consume alcohol.

How long had you been drinking gin in the evening? Prior to discontinuing the gin at night, did you consider yourself an alcoholic?


I was not an alcoholic but I guess it's all relative. One drink a night is all and I wasn't a falling down type. Drinking became more regular when I retired 22 years ago.
By the way, I grew up in Rochester, MN so I was their patient there and Scottsdale until Medicare!

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