DOJ on "Effective Communications in Healthcare Settings"

Posted by pegbell @pegbell, Apr 24, 2023

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@DOJCivil invites the public to attend on June 6 @ 1pm.
"ADA’s Effective Communication Requirements in Healthcare Settings" This virtual meeting will cover the steps that medical providers can take to comply with the ADA’s effective communication requirements. Free registration:

"Please see the attached Letter from the US Attorney’s Office Announcing an Informational Meeting on the ADA’s Effective Communication Requirements in healthcare settings on Tuesday, June 6, 2023 at 1 p.m.

The press release is attached and also linked here:

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dear_colleagues_letter_for_healthcare_providers (dear_colleagues_letter_for_healthcare_providers.pdf)

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@pegbell Thank you for sharing this important information. Hospital care and a better understanding of what people with hearing loss need in healthcare settings is a major issue. The ADA provides standards to mandate appropriate care, but too often it is neglected. People with hearing loss need to have knowledge of their rights under the ADA. I hope many will explore the links in this information.

To all the hard of hearing folks out there....Are you willing to learn more about your rights?

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