Does this sound like gastroparesis?

Posted by tadams1129 @tadams1129, Apr 27 9:56am

Hi friends! I’m riding the struggle bus lately with my stomach and unfortunately all of my symptoms are pointing to gastroparesis. I’d like to preface this by saying I already have extensive nerve damage throughout my body from head to toe and have tests next Friday to see just how badly.

In 2017, intestinal metaplasia was found along with some polyps in my colon found and biopsied. I don’t recall what came out of that and haven’t seen a GI since. Fast forward to 2022,
I was diagnosed with apocrine metaplasia in my right breast, prompting my curiosity over the intestinal metaplasia.

A few months ago, I started to “stop” getting the sensation to have a bowel movement. As of today, I am now having bloody bowel movements with no explanation. It’s not blood from straining or hemorrhoids, but looks like bloody body tissue. For the last few months, I’m also having issues with not being able to have a bowel movement, even with OTC meds and enemas to assist. It’s as if I don’t have the sensation to go, which has also caused me a couple of embarrassing accidents because I don’t realize it’s coming. My stomach is constantly bloated as if I’m pregnant and I’m struggling to eat because I’m always full or sick to my stomach. No matter what goes into my stomach, it immediately makes me sick, including water. I can feel famished and take a half bite of food and immediately I’m full. I have terrible burning in my stomach and chest, like constant acid reflux.

I have reached out to my doctor about this and pending an appointment. What are y’all’s thoughts on these symptoms?

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There is a specific test done for gastoparesis. Called stomach gastric emptying treat.
However with your symptoms I hope your Dr. Is seeing immediately or suggested you go directly to nearest ER.


Oh my goodness! Im so very sorry you are experiencing this. It sounds exactly like my symptoms (minus the blood). It was horrible and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

I had chemotherapy two years ago for fallopian tube cancer. As a result, I ended up with gastrointestinal neuropathy – damage to the vagus nerve. Long story story short, I ended up having severe reflux, gastroparisis, abdominal adhesions and slow intestinal motility. I had a nissen fundiplication and a pyroplasty, for the gastroparisis, in Feb of this year.

I no longer have the reflux. The symptoms of the gastroparisis have significantly improved. I still have some delayed emptying, but it is much better.

Still having issues with the intestinal motility and lack of muscle contraction that indicates that I “need to go”. I take as many as 7 laxatives and stools softeners a day. I have done pelvic floor physical therapy. I think it was good for me, but did not really improve the symptoms much. I’ll be going back to my gastroenterologist, at MD Anderson, in August.

I hope you can find a good gastroenterologist and a good surgeon. I neglected to say that I had an initial nissen done in Nov of 2021. That surgeon, let’s just say, did not do a good job. So, the second surgeon had to redo it. It is so important that you find a surgeon who is great – even if you have to travel.
I went to Dr. Lee Morris, at Houston Methodist. He handles really difficult cases and is known for that. I very highly recommend him as a surgeon.

Wishing you the best with everything and let us know how the process is going.

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