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Does this sound like gastroparesis?

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Oh my goodness! Im so very sorry you are experiencing this. It sounds exactly like my symptoms (minus the blood). It was horrible and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

I had chemotherapy two years ago for fallopian tube cancer. As a result, I ended up with gastrointestinal neuropathy - damage to the vagus nerve. Long story story short, I ended up having severe reflux, gastroparisis, abdominal adhesions and slow intestinal motility. I had a nissen fundiplication and a pyroplasty, for the gastroparisis, in Feb of this year.

I no longer have the reflux. The symptoms of the gastroparisis have significantly improved. I still have some delayed emptying, but it is much better.

Still having issues with the intestinal motility and lack of muscle contraction that indicates that I “need to go”. I take as many as 7 laxatives and stools softeners a day. I have done pelvic floor physical therapy. I think it was good for me, but did not really improve the symptoms much. I’ll be going back to my gastroenterologist, at MD Anderson, in August.

I hope you can find a good gastroenterologist and a good surgeon. I neglected to say that I had an initial nissen done in Nov of 2021. That surgeon, let’s just say, did not do a good job. So, the second surgeon had to redo it. It is so important that you find a surgeon who is great - even if you have to travel.
I went to Dr. Lee Morris, at Houston Methodist. He handles really difficult cases and is known for that. I very highly recommend him as a surgeon.

Wishing you the best with everything and let us know how the process is going.

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I'm glad to be reading that you had chemo 2 years ago for fallopian tube cancer, and you're still around! I just finished my chemo and the only thing doctors can offer me is surveillance with CT scans and CA125 blood tests. I want to know if this is what you're doing or did you have other therapies for your fallopian tube cancer treatment. I don't trust either the scan or the blood test they want to give me. I had both done when they were investigating why I had pain in my pelvic area and they came out clear - no sign of cancer. I'm feeling pretty hopeless. Thanks. Karen