Does stress cause hair loss?

Posted by virat @virat, Aug 4, 2019

I am suffering from stress daily cuz of my office work. i am worried if it will cost me my hairs.

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wow,, interested in the answer. I"ve been under an extreme amount of stress for the last 8-9 months… and I keep brushing our hair. ….
thought it might be thyroid but that seems to be getting under control… but still ,,, I get lots of hair in my brush…..


Not only do anxiety and stress play a role in hair reduction, but they're also associated with the following three conditions that could cause you to eliminate hair.

Telogen effluvium
This problem is a frequent cause of baldness that is temporary. Anxiety can induce hair follicles to some"resting" stage so they don't create new hair strands. Over the years, hair may fall out easily, even when you're only washing, combing, or even touching it. Telogen effluvium can be brought on by poor nutrition and changes in hormone levels.

If you have ever found yourself actually pulling your hair out when you are worried or tense, it might be a indication of trichotillomania. Within this emotional condition, folks deal with negative feelings, such as anxiety and nervousness, by extracting hair in the scalp, face, and other areas of the human body. It is most commonly seen in women.

Alopecia areata
In this state, your body's immune system attacks your own hair follicles, causing your hair to fall out. Sometimes, alopecia areata can cause hair to thin, while in other instances individuals can grow bald spots. Hair may regrow over time, then fall out again. Doctors are not sure what causes alopecia areata, though genetics can play a role. And though it is not due to anxiety, alopecia areata can be quite stressful for any individual dealing with this illness.

Stress and Hair Loss: Possible Approaches to Deal
Any range of stressful situations may cause hair loss, such as pregnancy, chronic illness, trauma, connection difficulties, financial issues, bad nutrition, surgery, drugs like antidepressants, and even jet lag. To counteract stress and protect your hair, try these hints:

Learn and practice relaxation techniques (such as deep breathing, meditation, or yoga) often
Get regular exercise, which helps manage stress and its consequences
Spend time with positive people — depriving yourself may create anxiety worse
Seek Expert help from a therapist
Eat a Nutritious Diet and Have a multivitamin if your physician recommends it
Heal your hair with caution after drying drying, and styling it


Hi, @virat – how is the stress you were feeling with your work?

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