Does Jardiance have serious interactions with Jakafi?

Posted by peggylm @peggylm, May 31 7:57pm

I have Myelofibrosis diagnosed 8 years ago, and have been diabetic for many years since chemo and radiation for breast cancer. I also have kidney disease that has advanced to Stage 3.
I’ve been on Jakafi for 2 years, and my endocrinologist wants me to try Jardiance to help my kidneys. I’m concerned about the risk-benefit of Jardiance in general, as well as any interactions between the two drugs. My bloodwork declined recently due to blood pressure medications making the Jakafi less effective. I can’t afford to make the Jakafi any less effective by taking Jardiance. Any ideas, suggestions, experiences?

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I hav never been told blood pressure medication makes Jakafi less effective. Did your doctor say that?


Yes my oncologist did! He was emphatic that Clonidine was “famous” for interfering with the Jakafi. He implied that most BP medications lessened the effectiveness of Jakafi. He said they were the cause of my lower blood counts.

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