Does having Thyroid Disease Lower One's Immune System Function?

Posted by minipika @minipika, Apr 29, 2023

I have had Covid 3 times this year, once concurrently with the flu. I am being treated for Hyperthyroidism with Methimizole (Tapazole) daily.
I also have Type 2 diabetes. Seems like upper respiratory infections are getting more and more common for me. Missing work, letting family down. I am 65. Does poor immune response follow chronic dx such as hyperthyroidism and Type 2 diabetes?

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I’m so sorry that you had repeated Covid infections! I hope you have recovered.
Having Type 2 diabetes causes a weakening of your immune system. Diabetics are included in the group of people with chronic illnesses that are recommended to get all available Covid vaccines.
There are other vaccines also recommended such as Pneumonia vaccine, Flu vaccine and the Shingles vaccine.
Chronic thyroid disease can also weaken your immune system.
Discuss with your doctor what other precautions you have to consider.

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