Does anyone have information on the gloves being used for Parkinson’s?

Posted by patjack2 @patjack2, Jul 30, 2023

These gloves are used for a period of time and help stop tremors and help with balance issues. Has anyone tried them or have more information about them?
Thank you, Pat

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Not really, but I did see a dramatic video online that made the Parkinson's glove look like an amazing innovation. I believe there is a clinical trial ongoing, perhaps at Stanford? I should track it down online and find out more. The glove is completely non-invasive and when worn for a few hours several times a week, it sends enough confusing impulses back to the brain that it becomes overwhelmed, and the PD symptoms stop. Incredible if it works. The individual case results in the video were truly remarkable. TA


The gloves are an interesting, localized instrument for delivering vibration to the body. Early days, however:
Makes me think of the toy joy buzzers sold as gag gifts.

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