Does anyone have experience with Mirtazapine?

Posted by faithshouse @faithshouse, Jun 20, 2019

My husband has trouble staying asleep, and falling back to sleep when he awakens during the night. It concerns him, but we wouldn't say that he is depressed. He had heard about Mirtazapine for sleeping. His doctor prescribed 15 mg. Has anyone had side effects, or depression while taking Mirapine? Is it more for depression, than for sleeping? Thanks for your feedback.

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I have taken it for years for sleep and occasionally add a small amount of melatonin with it for restless leg syndrome. The doc told me the smaller the dose the more side effects and the higher the dose the less side effects but I stay at 15mg. Everything has side effects, ugh

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Hi, just started taking this med for sleep. 15mg as well. And my doctor told me the same thing about the dosing. Now, I have only taken twice, I am trying to get more natural sleep, but being an insomniac since I was in my teens(don't tell anyone, but I am 59 yrs old) I struggle. Anyway, you experience restless leg? How long after you started taking it did your restless leg start ? I don't want that problem too. Thanks


I take 7.5 mg a night after struggling with other meds and CBT. Has worked wonders for me

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