Does anyone have experience taking the antipsychotic Latuda?

Posted by kelster69 @kelster69, Feb 2, 2021

I just started today and would love to hear of others' experiences. I think I am bipolar and I have MDD.

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@kelster69 You were diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and given Latuda for your depressive symptoms but you think you may have bipolar disorder. Did I get that right? You want to connect with members that have experience with Latuda.

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You said that you feel you may have bipolar. I assume your depression has a high severity. Would you tell me a little more about that and what you have tried in the past regarding medications, treatment, etc.?


Hello, @erikas , thank you for getting back to me so soon. I've been diagnosed with MDD much of my life, and it's been worse over this past year. My dad was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 62. I am 51, have had some very stressful things happen over the past couple of years, and I'm not sure which type of bipolar I may be, if at all. My psychiatrist said that I have bipolar GENES, but not necessarily a diagnosis. I've been on 40 mg. of Prozac for a few years (went off it completely last year, what a mistake), am also on .5mg Klonopin morning and night, and 300 mg. Gabapentin in the morning. I tried lamotrigine for 3 days and it made me suicidal (as did Pristiq, which I tried at the beginning of December). So my psychiatrist told me to start 10 mg. of Latuda starting today. I feel a bit better tonight, but it might just be because I usually feel better at night.
And yes, my depression has a high severity, especially over the past year. The past few weeks, I've had some good days, followed by very bad ones, or one up and one down. I've tried ketamine (86 treatments in total; it worked in the beginning but in the end I think it made me worse), TMS, scopolamine, DBT, am in therapy with my psychiatrist 2x/week. I've also tried most SSRis (Prozac worked but then stopped, the 40 mg. helped a bit), take L-Methylfolate, have tried other antipsychotics, Lithium, Effexor, and the others I've named above.
Thanks in advance for reaching out. I feel like a walking pharmacy as well as a lab rat.

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