does anyone have Dermatomyositis? I'm going for my muscle biopsy.

Posted by pinkmk @pinkmk, Jun 20, 2016

Hi. I’m really nervous. They are biopsying my thigh because my right hip is a mess. If you have myositis, you get it. This has been a life-long battle of misunderstood illness with me most recently being ignored four years ago then misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia two years ago. (I was originally diagnosed with fibromyalgia 15+ years ago in another state; long story) After all the tale tell signs of organ failure and gastrointestinal issues at 38 years old , I ended up in a dermatologist’s office for a skin biopsy which came up positive for this and now off for a muscle biopsy to confirm.
This is rare and I’m here all alone with no one who understands this unique battle of “the buffet” of autoimmune and chronic pain. Not even my doctors know what it is or what to do and I don’t have resources to travel. Trying to stay positive.

You are not alone. I first got sick 4/2013 and just now I am starting to function. So far they said I don’t have myositis but I have lung issues and severe calcinosis. I’m here for you.

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Hello @kgoodwin9! Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect!

I love that you simply wrote “I’m here for you”- that just says a lot in those 4 simple words, doesn’t it? You will fit in nicely in our community. 🙂

What can you share about how to cope with symptoms?

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