Doctor says I have a granuloma on catheter tip of my pain pump implant

Posted by deb1972 @deb1972, Mar 29, 2023

Has anyone had success with intravenous saline dissolving granulomas ? Doctor has halted start of spinal cord stimulator trial yet again for third time as a granuloma was found on thoracic MRI . Am at the end of my rope with neuropathic pain in my legs and feet. My legs feel like they are packed in ice and yet the skin feels as if it is burnt when touched. Anyone with experience with granulomas ?

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@deb1972 Does your doctor think the catheter caused the granuloma or is this just a coincidence? Is sounds like it may be blocking the catheter from functioning properly. According to Mayo, granulomas don't usually require any treatment and may be a defense against an infection. Here is a link that explains:

Does your doctor have another plan perhaps moving the location or pulling it away from the granuloma?

I don't believe that saline will dissolve this as it is tissue, but that is a question for your doctor. I don't have a pain pump, but I am a spine surgery patient and wanted to respond to you.

What is the next step for you?

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