Has anyone experienced nausea or headache symptoms after a hot bath?

Posted by ak324 @ak324, Jan 26, 2019

Last Week, I took a hot bath for one hour straight, only hot water. I remember sweating a lot in the bath then by the time of the shower I barely sweat. When I got out I was nauseous,headachy,anxious and had dry sweat, flushed face. My skin was hot but It also felt like It was balancing between cold. After I dried off I got out of the bathroom drank water and measured my temperature was 99.6 F. Not sure If I had heat stroke or Heat exhaustion but I wore lighter clothing and used an ice pack. Then two days later I felt worse, mental fogginess more confused, headachy. I was in the hospital and they checked my urine I had abnormal urine protein and high blood sugar when I came in (I dont have diabetes). I was given some fluids. Ive been having a fully white tongue for this week. For the whole week Ive been feeling worse,last few days woke up in the middle of the night with fever and I feel weak, dizzy in general. Im worried about permanent damage to my brain. Was It a mistake not to go to the hospital earlier in my case. Should I ask my neurologist to do an MRI to see my brain damage. Im honestly worried If I have permanent brain damage I really hope not.

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Hello @ak324, Thank you for posting. Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I'm sorry to hear you are having symptoms- I can see that this is worrisome. Did your physician say anything about dehydration or speak of any reasoning behind why you would be feeling this way? Perhaps you were in the midst of contracting a cold or something before your hot bath took place?

While we wait for other members to respond, I hope you keep us updated with how you are doing.


sorry this is a long time after you posted, i've searched for similar experience after have a hot bath.. i'm not a doctor but you mentioned a fully white tongue at the time, this might be oral thrush, thrush can cause brain fog and other weird symptoms you might want to look into this.. all the best.

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