Do I have an issue with my nose? It’s always runny and bothering me

Posted by coco1142 @coco1142, Apr 11, 2020

Hi! I’m not sure if this is exactly an issue or not but I’m hoping someone has any insight. For the past maybe 2-3 years I cannot remember a day where my nose is not running. In addition to that, i almost constantly have thick boogers (idk the proper term for boogers) stuck to the back of my nostrils which semi block my breathing. I can still breathe but it’s like i can tell it’s not as clear as it should be. And because it’s so far back tissues don’t really work so i (carefully) use q-tips to try to clear out my nose. And this is seriously everyday. No matter what, when i sleep one of my nostrils will always end up clogged. As of recently (maybe past 6 months or so) i started experiencing real pain around my nose tip and nostril bone area. It’s bizarre, i will maybe touch my nose or blow it and then this pain feels as though my nose is bruised from a punch or something. It goes away quickly after but i don’t understand why it occurs.

I’m a 29 year old female. I don’t really get allergies and if i do it’s light. I truly never get sick. I don’t have any preexisting health issues. Never had a nose injury. I don’t do any drugs involving my nose. So i really do not understand what this issue is. I’ve been just letting it go forever but it’s been just annoying and confusing me lately. It’s not normal to not go one day without blowing your nose, or it running, or stuffing Up. And now this pain thing. I’m curious if anyone else has experienced this or has any sort of insight. I plan to bring it up to my doctor whenever i see him next but i also would appreciate any suggestions on how to word this to understand that it’s not just a runny nose. Thank you!

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@coco1142 Welcome to connect where we care and experience diff. problems which we talk about as something may help someone else. We aren't Dr,s but have you seen a ENT for this problem ? For my stuffy nose I use Vicks to open it up rub it under your nose . Also a netti pot to clear out your sinuses . Its just salt and baking soda solution in water . I have a bulb syringe instead of a netti pot bought at drug store . Maybe these would help you .


Hi @coco1142, I agree with @lioness. You're best to consult with an ENT specialist. Have you talked to your doctor about it?

Here's what Mayo Clinic has to say about the symptom:
– Runny Nose

Here's a video about the neti pot.


I tried Neti potting once… I could only compare it to what waterboarding must be like !


I tried Neti potting once… I could only compare it to what waterboarding must be like !

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Hi @conniegh, the nasal rinse is an odd sensation at first, but using the Neti post has really helped me. I used to have chronic sinusitis that regularly flared up. I would get very sick every fall and every spring like clockwork almost. Now when I feel the slightest congestion coming on, I dig out the Neti pot and prevent infection from setting in.

It's important to use distilled, sterile or previously boiled water mixed with salt and baking soda that have no iodine or additives or else it will sting. Too much salt and baking soda isn't good either. Did you use distilled water and salt and baking soda with additives? May I ask what led you to try the Neti pot?

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