Do I have a sinus infection or tonsillitis?

Posted by Kately @catie04, Apr 1, 2020

I need some help, I went to the doctor today and was diagnosed with a sinus infection, that is mainly flared up on my left side of my sinuses or whatever you call it. Everytime I swallow, the left side of my throat is just in a lot of pain, I took an ibuprofen to relieve the pain and that seemed to help a little. I went a couple of weeks ago to the doctor, and I had a sinus infection, I took medicine, and it didn’t help and it got worse, Which is why I came back today and my doctor seemed confused about why it came back, but said it was just a sinus infection. This isn’t the first time this is happened however, there was another time I had to go back because the medication wasn’t strong enough to cure the sinus infection. After I went the second time and got stronger medication, all was well and I healed. But this time seems different because I’ve never experienced pain on just one side of my throat, which is why I looked it up and found that it can possibly be tonsillitis. I just got the new medication today and started taking it, all I can do is pray that it works. Could I have been misdiagnosed? And could I possibly have tonsillitis?

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I have GPA in my sinuses and had a sinus infection that had to be treated twice with strong meds. You could have both infections.


Hi @catie04, as someone who suffered regularly from chronic sinus infections, I can share that sometimes mine were persistent and took a while to go away even with antibiotics. I have had the most success using a neti pot to rinse my sinuses and the first sign of feeling congested or worn out. I can avoid infection most of the time.

According to this article, Infections that cause sinusitis can travel and cause tonsillitis.
– Does my child have strep throat, sinusitis or tonsillitis

While it is an article about infection in children, I agree with @julsbridget. You might call you doctor and ask if you have both a sinus infection and tonsilitis. Are you able to call you doctor and ask if this might be the case?

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