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Diet for kidney failure

Posted by @zumac, Jun 6, 2012

Most articles about diets for kidney failure include the following:
No dairy products (no milk, cheese, etc)
No red meat
No foods high in phosphorous
No foods high in salt
No tomatoes, potatoes, and others.

My wife has a very tough time trying to prepare foods that conform to the above list, and that are good for me.
Friends, do you know of other food items that I should avoid?
And, do you know of food and drinks that I can have as much as I want. I’m always hungry and thirsty.
Thanks in advance….. Zumac



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Posted by @kidneyquest, Jun 18, 2012


A couple a couple of questions for you, if it doesn’t bother you me asking? When did you notice the symptoms and what were the symptoms? The reason why I asking, is because I live in San Antonio, TX and there are renal clinics just about on every corner in this town. We moved from the east coast where I really never seen a renal clinic and if I did it was in a not so open location such as here. I have been to two docs here in this city and both say I have diabetes. The strange thing is every time I eat daily products, tomatoes, salt(which is in everything around here) I get these bad achy numbness in my left kidney. Last time I had kidney stones and a UT infection, same kidney. I talk with the docs and here in San Antonio they are money hungry. I have good insurance but they like to stretch out what they can charge to the max. In the meantime, I feel like crap. Would you share with me the part about the tomatoes please.

Thank you for any advice….


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Posted by @zumac, Jun 18, 2012

Last year, about this time, I developed lithium intoxication. I really don’t know why this happened. Perhaps it was a very bad fall that I took while running which left me unconscience. I had been taking lithium for over 30 years, monitoring the lithium level in my blood every six months. The intoxication caused me to be hospitalized for almost a month with chronic kidney failure and extreme dehydration. Now the nephrologists tell me that I must follow a strict diet, but none of them gives me a complete list of food to avoid and food allowed. Of the few foods that they mention as not allowed are tomatoes. I get most of my information on these foods from different places on the Internet. However, I eat a salad almost every day with small amounts of diced tomatoes.

I can’t tell exactly where my kidneys are, must less the left or the right. You seem to be able to distinguish this — you’re lucky.

Unless you eat great amount of tomatoes, I doubt whether some modest amounts will harm you. It’s not the tomatoes themselves that are harmful, it’s the potassium that they contain.

Good luck in “San Antón”.

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Posted by @toomuch4ne1, Aug 31, 2012

I don’t use exact measurements when I cook, but I eat Gluten Free so I’ve gotten pretty creative over the last year. I have this amazing chopper so I go wild and chop different combinations of fresh veggies and barely stir-fry them with rice, or Brown rice. My favorite is Onion, Sweet Red Pepper, Green Tomato (can you do that), Yellow Squash, Zucchini. I add minced ginger from a jar for flavor and Gluten Free Soy Sauce. I know there is a low sodium as well. You can add Olive oil while stir frying, I use butter, but I don’t have a salt issue. This is an amazing side dish, the combinations are endless, just use what ever is in season, or what ever spice you like. Heck I even made it with Cajun seasoning once. I love it with pan seared Talipia or Fresh Tuna Steak… I hope I didn’t confuse you, but this is my main staple..


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Posted by @zumac, Nov 25, 2012

Thanks “toomuch”. I’ll relay your suggestions to my wife — I’m a total disaster in the kitchen.
Regards….. Zumac

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