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Posted by @nancyd in Mental Health, Sep 25, 2011

Does anyone have the diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder?

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Posted by @ista, Oct 4, 2011

I don't but I have less severe versions of it, called depresonalization and derealizatin, whenever I go through a depressive phase of my Bipolar Disorder. Are you seeking treatment for this. It is a very uncomfortable sensation but it can be treated.


Posted by @nancyd, Oct 19, 2011

Was it hard to find a doctor?


Posted by @alysia2011, Oct 27, 2011

hello. i just joined. a friend referred me as she found this site, etc just by researching online. it's not "official" but have seen a doctor once & he thought i had depersonality order (hearing my symtons of course). i've lived with this almost all my life. it's 24-7. its become normal i guess to me. i'm 36 and last time i felt "normal" (btw, what IS normal lol) was 11-12. i DO NOT recall anything tramautic that happened. two years ago i started to share w a cpl close friends.... thats what opened the door in researching. AND freaking me out. meaning........... i live, i work, i've never really let myself THINK "how" i feel..... when i have.... it can become SCARY. trying to feel HERE when i dont. like a never ending dream. i guess it is surfacing and since it has been ........ i'd LOVE to find people (if any) that have/had gone thru this.... i am TRUELY sorry for writing a book to your post (just realized)........wasn't even going to write but my fingers reacted before brain i guess. so to FINALLY reply..... YES i have.


Posted by @nancyd, Oct 28, 2011

I developed RSD about 4 years ago. I had to quit my job and stop doing a whole lot of usual things.I see a pain Dr. and a therapist for DID All of my past trauma events just flooded me. Many bad sexual things. It has been very hard


Posted by @kecsystem, Dec 17, 2011

Nancy, being DID is hard. But I've learned (since my diagnosis) that although treatment is hard to endure, DID is one of the few mental illnesses that can be cured. I pray you are getting the treatment you need.


Posted by @2011simone, Dec 17, 2011

What is DID?


Posted by @kecsystem, Dec 17, 2011

Dissociative Identity Disorder. Usually caused by trauma/abuse; means person has suffered things that a person isn't built to endure and so the person dissociates to stay alive. Dissociation can mean spacing out, forgetting, and even coming up with new personalities so that there is part of you that is not affected by the abuse. It's a controversial diagnosis, some think it can't really happen. It includes the old category of Multiple Personality Disorder. That's the short version. If you have other questions, I'll answer to the best of my ability.

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