Did statin cause PMR?

Posted by vfaye @vfaye, Nov 29, 2019

I’ve recently been diagnosed with PMR. Initially primary care doc suggested my pain might be from statins and recommended I stop them to see if there is improvement. After stopping the statin there was some improvement, but not enough to keep the rheumatologist from diagnosing it as PMR.

I’m not convinced. I have found some research that suggests a link between statins & PMR. In the meantime, I’ve refused to take Prednisone (other medical issues complicates using it) and am trying alternate treatment for the pain.

Did you take statins prior to PMR?

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Hi Faye,
I was diagnosed with PMR spring of 2018. Before the diagnoses I was on statins for about year. My care giver kept increasing the dose. I fought taking statins for years because of all the bad effects I had read but gave in to my care givers persistent pushing. As soon as I started feeling pain in my leg I stopped the statins thinking it was causing my leg pain. As soon as I stopped them all the bad side effect stopped as well. Weight gain, depression and a weird pain in my kidneys but the leg pain got worse in fact 6 weeks later I could not function without massive doses of ibuprofen. At that time I was finally diagnosed with PMR. Three and half years later I'm still battling PMR and am convinced it was triggered by the statins! There are studies ongoing to this belief.
Yes, Statins can trigger PMR.
I am 69 yrs old, in shape at 5'2" 105lbs. very active and eat well. I cut gluten, dairy and sugar. I'm doing what I can to beat.PMR.


I had PMR for a couple years (maybe more) before I could no longer stand the pain. I was started on 35mg of Prednizone, down to 20 mg after 1 month, down to 15mg after 6 weeks. Sayed at 15mg for another 18 months, then tapered off over the next 6 months. The pain never totally left. I used a CBD/THC balanced oil, both orally and topically till Mid October this year. When I got my second Pfizer shot, I went into remission. NO PAIN. October 20 I had pains on/in my back and some in my left arm. Went to emergency, was treated as if it was a heart attack, it was not. Now the cardiologist has prescribed a water pill, Amlodipine and Atorvastatin. I am OK with the Blood pressure and water pill but the warnings on the Statin worry me. My cholesterol is not extremely high, and I can usually control it with diet. Has anybody dealt with this

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I am convinced statins triggered my PMR!


Haven’t heard of this!

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