Did anyone know this?

Posted by leelou03 @leelou03, Mar 5 9:24am

I have dreaded summer and heat for a long time. I will get drenched in sweat and my hair soaked. Also for years now is get red bumps like bug bites pop up on my skin then turn to welps and itchy, hurt, blister. Id scratch get infected . Some left burses. So I read you can be allergic to heat and get heat hives. I have some symptoms and would like to know for sure about the bumps
I'll take any info you all have
Thank you have a great day.

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I suggest that you visit a dermatologist to seek diagnosis for the cause of your “red bumps.” A biopsy might be necessary. There are a number of possibilities. Grover’s Disease often flares in the heat, for example. You need to know the cause to get proper treatment, and testing will lead to discovering the cause.


Consider a sunlight induced skin condition.
Take pictures of the active eruption for your
consultation and have a list of your medications
when you see the dermatologist.

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