Who else is living with Diabetes (TD2) and kidney disease (CKD3)?

Posted by pattimike124 @pattimike124, May 22, 2021

I am a 76 year old man. I have TD2 diabetes and CKD3. I have a Bun Of 28 & a creatinine Of 1.62& GFR Of 41.I just recently got these results. I had not been drinking much water. I have some neuropathy in my feet & hands.
I am on Metformin twice a day, glymeperide 1 mg, lisinopril, simvastatin 20, baby aspirin. What can I do to stabilize my health.twice daily
I check my blood glucose and my blood pressure daily. I have no other symptoms.
Thank you.

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Hello @pattimike124 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Getting test results can be overwhelming so I think it great of you to reach out to members in the community for support as you navigate how best to stabilize your health, as you mentioned.

I want to mention members such as @kamama94 who made reference to a thread called "CKD3 What I can eat" in this discussion: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/what-to-eat-when-you-have-diabetes-heart-and-kidney-issues/

She may be able to provide some additional context to you given your situation as you navigate additional ways to think about creating healthy habits.

How has increasing your water intake been going? Have you tried using a straw to help consume more water, faster?


@pattimike124, hello and welcome to Connect! I saw Amanda's post and wanted to let you know I, too am diabetic but now waver between stages 4 & 5 renal failure. I post recipes and such in the dialysis thread even though my numbers improved after 6 months of hemodialysis and I currently don't need to dialyze.

We who are diabetic AND CKD people sometimes have to choose between diabetic recommendations and renal dietary suggestions. For instance, diabetics are encouraged to consume brown rice and whole grains while renal patients are told to avoid them. Hence, it's a balancing act.

I can't give medical advice, I'm not a registered dietitian, but I do have a medical background and considerale nutrition experience. Anything I share is NOT advice but either information only or personal experience.

I am convinced that good medical management plus a strict renal diet are responsible for my still being above ground and feeling well. Again, this is just my own personal experience but when I first saw a nephrologist almost 4 years ago I was taken off metformin and was taking tradjenta along with a nightly dose of long-acting insulin and pre-meal dose of short-acting iinsulin. I am not recommending medication, just stating what was done in my own case. I also was taken off aspirin since NSAIDS, of which aspirin is one, are said by many experts to be harmful to CKD patients.

Both CKD and diabetes were well managed under expert care and my self-designed renal diet until a severe case of shingles drastically reduced function in my one remaining (and already damaged) kidney to the point that I had to go on dialysis.

I was considered to be in end stage renal failure at that time but after 6 months on dialysis my numbers improved and I no longer needed to go to the dialysis cliinic.

Since then my care team has encouraged me to maintain my self-designed renal diet and right now I am doing well as an almost-vegan vegetarian. I'm not following a strict vegan diet, I eat eggs for their protein value and consume honey and cook with almond milk, products vegans avoid but vegetarians can consume. I eat no meat whatsoever - not red meat, not poultry, not fish. I avoid dairy products and use non-dairy versions of cheese, etc., which are quite good.

I have developed three collections of recipes I personally use and these are available in pdf form free of charge. Feel free to use and share them if and as you wish, make any corrections you deem necessary since manufacturers can change ingredients and nutrient amounts, and always read labels on any food items before each purchase even if you just bought the same items last week since things could have changed.

Sending you well wishes!

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I am a 76 year old man with TD2 & CKD3. I am on Metformin 1000 mg, baby aspirin 81 mg, Amlodopine5 mg, Lisinopril 20 mg , and Simvsstatin 20 mg. I get blood work ever 3 months.???


I am a 76 year old man with TD2 & CKD3. I am on Metformin 1000 mg, baby aspirin 81 mg, Amlodopine5 mg, Lisinopril 20 mg , and Simvsstatin 20 mg. I get blood work ever 3 months.???

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Hello @curleymike1 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. It sounds like you are interested in comparing notes with other members on diabetes and prescriptions so have moved your post into an existing discussion on the same topic so you can more easily do just that.

Members like @kamama94 and @pattimike124 may be good resources for you. If you'd like, you can also read back in this discussion to see their previous comments.

Can you share what is most concerning to you or what you are looking to learn from other members?

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