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Posted by @caringfiance, Oct 31, 2011

My boyfriend just found out he has type 2 diabetes. I’m just wondering what I should do to get him motivated to exercise and watch his diet? I think he expects me to do it for him. I do all the cooking and I have tried different foods and he does not or will try them. He won’t exercise. We have a tredmill, bicycle and weights. I’m about at my wits end with this. He weighs over 300lbs and wants to lay around all the time. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks

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Posted by @cedarhurst, Nov 2, 2011

Boy, can I relate to that! I was 350 and diabetic type II. I also have COPD, Emphysema and a few other hard to spell problems.
You can not make him do anything. You are not responsible for his actions (or lack of action). Go to a good dietitian and get about 10 or fifteen meal recipes of things he likes. They are available. The trick with diabetes type II is the consistency with carbs. Spread them out over the day, never over do all in one meal. get a good low carb chart and stick to about 200-250 grams a day and see how it goes. Adjust as needed per HIS doctor’s advice.
You can not make his change his eating lifestyle. He has to want to do it for you, for his family, but most of all for HIMSELF!


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Posted by @rosalind38, Dec 3, 2011

Hey Cedarhurst, your reply was right on the money. Back in September of this year I found out am diabetic. I was put on 1000.00 mil of Metforman a day. I didn’t want to end up a sick old lady so I was diligent with my diet. I lost tons of weight and my sugar is so stable I have cut out the evening dose of Metformin. It can be done. I hope others who have this disease will read what you wrote and also read my post. We can live healthy productive lives right into old age if we take care. Roz


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Posted by @anon89880224, Dec 15, 2011

Nope… Just let him get fatter and fatter.

Seriously?! What do you think ?!!


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Posted by @zeepiegirl, Dec 20, 2011


You are wonderful for trying to take on the illness of your beau, but you cannot do this. You are encouraging his current behavior of not taking care of himself. While your commitment to him, may give you the desire to work on it together, it sounds as though you are doing all the work and he is doing nothing, including not supporting your efforts.

I was diagnosed at the age of 30 as having Type I and found myself spiraling down the high blood sugar, no caring road until I fell into a Diabetic Coma. I was on my first cruise to Alaska, and had to be life flighted to a nearby city where I was given very grim chances of survival. I fought back and have been fighting to recover for the last five years. It took an event this significant to change my attitude towards my illness and to start taking care of myself. It may take something big, hopefully not like this, but something big to make him step up and take ownership of his own health and future.

Again, I find your caring and supportive approach incredible and wish more people would be like you, but you can only do so much before you start hurting your own health, mental and physical. Don’t stop your support, but take are of you first while being available to support him. Be the support not the structure.

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