Depression in young adults and how can I help

Posted by lindaw2 @lindaw2, Aug 26, 2022

Thanks for those who found my story and answered. I posted in wrong place. But I will repost in a new discussion. I have already found many helpful posts and I am very glad that I have this at least.

I'm not sure if I am in the right section of this site. I just joined to try to help my Grandson. I just found out he has admitted himself to a hospital. All we know is that he said he wanted to kill himself. Unfortunately he is an adult so we have little information. They will not let his father, my son, know anything. He is 27 years old. He has always been a loaner and has never had very many friends. His life has been very difficult. His parents divorce was traumatizing for him as she just abandoned them for a whole year when he was in second grade. Was on medication in school but didn't seem to help much. He survived school. He now works full time and still lives with Dad. We have had some tremendous loses in the last few years. His sister was killed at the age of 21 in a fatal car wreck in 2014. It left him scarred for life, I'm afraid. They were very close. His mother has had no contact with him at all so that isn't helping. We also lost our adult son a few years after his sister was killed in 2019. He was also close to his uncle. Heavy addiction was the problem. As far as I know my grandson has slowed way down on his drinking and had been going to a gym regularly and has held down a job. So this just seem to pop up out of the blue. I just want to be supportive but don't know how to. I'm afraid if my son loses his last child to this I will be losing him as well.

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Hi @lindaw2,
I see that you posted a similar comment here

And that you got helpful and supportive comments from @marjou @ellamster @gingerw @SusanEllen66 and @brandysparks. I agree that it is a hopeful sign that your grandson admitted himself to the hospital. @jimhd may be willing to share his experience with this and how doing so was the key to his ongoing recovery.

I know that as a grandparent, it is hard not to be able to know all that is going on. As an adult, only your grandson has the right to let others know about his medical appointments, progress, etc. That autonomy is really important for his recovery. When he is ready to be with you, I might suggest not asking too many questions. Just give him space to be with you, to feel safe and maybe let you in. Does he liked to be hugged?

Linda, how is your grandson doing now?

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