Depression and exercise

Posted by ladybugmg @ladybugmg, Jul 11, 2018

Exercise may be just as crucial to a depression patient’s good health as finding an effective antidepressant.

A new study of nearly 18,000 participants found that those with high fitness at middle age were significantly less likely to die from heart disease in later life, even if they were diagnosed with depression.

The research — a collaboration between UT Southwestern and The Cooper Institute — underscores the multiple ways in which depression may ultimately impact health and mortality. It also highlights the importance of overcoming a common dilemma among patients: How does one cope with hopelessness and still find motivation

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Hi, @ladybugmg — good to hear from you. Interesting study about fitness and likelihood of dying later in life from heart disease, despite diagnosis with depression.

I'm wondering, @ladybugmg, have you experienced depression?


I don't usually suffer from depression but have been diagnosed with"Seasonal Affective Disorder" which causes me to be lethargic on cloudy days. My primary care physician's wife also deals with this so he is familiar with it. This also disturbs my sleep. Now that it has a name and I understand how it effects me, I have learned to adapt and not be frustrated when I don't have the energy to do the things I normally do.


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