Depression and alternative treatments

Posted by Gary, Volunteer Mentor @gman007, Jan 18, 2018

I am certain this has been discussed previously, but thought I would jump start a discussion to see what I can learn. I suffer from clinical depression and mine is certainly affected by seasons and the immediate aftermath of the holidays and combination of many short, cloudy days are my worst season. It became obvious with my last visit to my psychiatrist that it was time for me to change providers. The fact of the matter in my area is that it is very easy to get an appointment with a bad Psych and a very long wait to see a good one. I was a bit discouraged that I thought there was help out there, but that I may not be able to access it for several months, so…I have started reading and practicing Mindfulness: An eight week plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World by Mark Williams and Danny Penman. If you had known me 15 years ago you would have heard me compare meditation to voodoo, probably unfavorably. I was not impressed by any claims made toward alternative treatment for anything. I have always imagined the worst of every situation and my perception and imagination would have produced Armageddon years ago. My thinking was that even if mindfulness did not have a positive effect on my depression, it may help my near and long-term outlook. I am only one week in, but I can already see times where my reaction to something that may have made me more depressed have not had that effect at all. I don’t know if everyone else will have the same experience, but it is something that those of who have battled this debilitating disease can do proactively that does not include a new medicine. Please do not start this and stop taking any antidepressant or other anxiety medication before discussing with your doctor – for me, I see it as a complimentary approach to my disease.

@gman007 Thank you for posting the 'Mindfulness' book, Gary. I will check it out. It sounds like it would benefit just about anybody no matter what their issues are.


I realized that in watching tapping videos it was the syrupy voices that were stressing me. At least now I know what was causing the irritation. I am most content doing tapping, etc in my own hope without beautiful landscapes, flute music and syrupy droning.
This is my input and will emphasize once again that what appeals to one may not appeal or work for another. Progress has been made in my personal realm and mayhap this will help someone else who is sensitive to surroundings, movement and noise.
Do appreciate all of the suggestions and input.

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@parus I don't care for tapping to videos or the nuances that come with them either. I am sure that just seeing how tapping is done helped others who have never heard of it and can now try it on their own.

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