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Posted by @ohoyoisoba in Cancer, Dec 1, 2011

I really need to talk to someone. I feel like a burden to my family. Everyone is so busy-there's no time to listen to my pity party

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Posted by @rosalind38, Dec 1, 2011

Have you seen a doctor? I also have suffered from depression and I am on good medication and I have been pulled out of that terrible "black hole" Please get some help. It will get better. I promise.

Posted by Anonymous-ad5c3fcf, Dec 3, 2011

Does this good medication make you impotent?

Posted by Anonymous-00278600, Dec 3, 2011

Being female I can't answer that. I don't believe that all medications cause impotence. Discuss this with a good doctor. I've been on meds for depression for years and I can say that I have been changed or turned around for the better. Get help. Peace


Posted by @monty, Dec 8, 2011

My husband is on meds and he isn't impotent...

Posted by Anonymous-55c38b0b, Dec 2, 2011

As someone who has suffered with depression for many years, you need to see a therapist for talking and see your MD to get you on an antidepressant. They take a few weeks to kick in, but you need to take care of yourself asap!


Posted by @jarrett622, Dec 2, 2011

First of all, depression isn't self-pity. It's nothing even close to that. It's an illness. It is very treatable. Take care of yourself and get seen by a doctor as soon as possible. If you're having thoughts of suicide go to an ER. I've had depression for years. To me, it's like a diabetic taking insulin. In order to be health I have to take meds. That's all there is to it. But I can say I feel 'normal' now.


Posted by @theduke1943, Dec 3, 2011

Depression is some times concedered to be self pity by non professional arm chair counselors. Unfortunately those are the people we hear from first, friend, relatives that beleive they know it all. Mothers and fathers who can't beleive one of thier siblings would be depressed, that was a bad word not so many years ago.
I have been in major depression all my life, my own diagnoses. I have lived in a fantacy world of lies and sex, that is where I feel better about myself. At age 5 I was asked if I wanted a brother or sister, mother was pregnant, my first thought was sex with a sister, so a sister is what I wanted. Where did I get that information at such an early stage, who knows. What I did from that point on threw school and the military, I did not like and threw myself deaper into depression, I had not idea that is what it was. All I know is I did not like who I was so lies to inprove my idea of self and sex provided an escape. I say all this to insure you that you are not alone and that there are people who can and will help. Yes you should seek the professionals as soon as you can. I have never completely over come my depression and at my age doubt if I will, but it is not spiraling out of control.


Posted by @roxie43, Dec 3, 2011

No pity party. Depression is an illness like already stated and like diabetes and heart disease it needs to be treated. You also need to know that we as patients have rights and if you don't feel a connection with a therapist you have the right to request another one or look for another one. It took me years to find the perfect therapist and I think it's because I am female but I always had male therapist. I also think that I am so happy with my therapist is because she is an MD but more importantly genuinely cares about me. If I do not feel well she will call me over the weekend to ensure that I am safe. I can even text her if I have to get something off my chest. I don't abuse it and try not to bother her but I recently started getting ECT and began to get horrible headaches so she was very supportive. Medications are also helpful for some but you have to be honest and report if they are not working. Some people have treatment resistance depression so a combination of medications are then used or if one gets soooo depressed where suicide, inability to function seem to be where one is headed ECT can be a blessing. You may feel like a burden on your family but if you were no longer around, trust me, that would be the burden. My friend ended her life and her family and friends were and some still are in awe that we did not do more. Ultimately, it was her decision but it is simply a shame when depression robs someones insight and or ways of thinkiing and feels all alone in this world when in reality there are a lot of people that love him or her. I know what that's like and it is such an empty feeling but you cannot give in to those thoughts. Be good to yourself, get help, force yourself to focus on all the good in you, and hang in there. Three months ago, I did not think I would be here today and the darkness was so powerful but it is so rewarding when your therapist looks at you and says "You were doing so bad and little by little I am seeing the old you again". Have faith in yourself and the medical professional as well as friends, family and the community. You are going to be ok! HOPE is key.


Posted by @mandj67, Jan 7, 2012

It's been some time since your post. How are you doing now? Some people call depression "pain". I would call it "agony" greater than any physical illness. I was in a severe clinical depression for several years. A low dose of Effexor prescribed by my MD did not help . Later I went to a Psychiatrist who increased my dose to 300 mg/day. Within 6 weeks, I was a new person or rather back to the old happy, exuberant self I had been before the depression attacked me.
I say this to give you HOPE that you may soon find something that helps you. How long have you been depressed? Somehow I have a feeling that you are young. My son's depression started when he was a teen and he has found that prozac helps but then he goes off it and pow he's right back where he was.
This is a good place for a pity party as we are all having one by ourselves. Why not have a grand one together. Feel free to vent!!

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