Depersonalization Disorder

Posted by onamay @onamay, Sep 22, 2018

This is a topic I'd like to discuss with others who also have it. I've had depersonalization since the age of 14. You may have it periodically or 24/7

Hello @onamay and welcome to Mayo Connect. I appreciate your post about depersonalization disorder. As I was not familiar with the term I found some information on Mayo's website regarding the symptoms and treatment. Here is the link to this information,

I would like to invite others into this conversation including @gailb @parus and @georgette12.

You mention that you have had this disorder since age 14. Are you an adult now? If you feel comfortable sharing more about yourself, how does this disorder impact your life currently (socially, in your work life, relationships, etc.)? Have you discovered the cause of this disorder through mental health counseling? Have any meds been helpful?


This is the first time I've heard of this. I looked it up on Google, and I was shocked to learn this is something I have–or had in the past. I must ponder this before I respond with your request in detail. Thank you so much for asking your question! Welcome to Mayo Connect.


For years I thought everyone had these type of experiences. My symptoms have become far worse with age. I know not to mention it as I would be thought senile, etc. There are things I have learned not to mention lest I be locked a way again. I no longer enjoy being involved in much of anything.


I've been diagnosed with it with for episodes in the presence of medical professionals. It doesn't bother me as much as it does others. They want to put me on serious drugs, but I won't take them.

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