Lutein and bilberry pills for eyes and side effects?

Posted by dianais @dianais, Feb 26, 2020

can anyone tell us any side effects from Lutin Bellberry pills for eye degeneration?????maybe blotches??????

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I forgot the R...ARMD, age related macular degeneration


Hi, @dianais - First, I wanted to confirm if you are talking about taking lutein and bilberry tablets for dry macular degeneration? Please note the section in this Mayo Clinic information on dry macular degeneration called Vitamin Supplements

Do you have a diagnosis of macular degeneration, dianais? If so, have you tried taking lutein and bilberry tablets?

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Link about supplements does not work.


Link about supplements does not work.

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@ljmontgo - Thanks for letting us know about the bad link. It has been fixed but I will repeat it here -

Here is the section of the page with the information:
Vitamin supplements
For people with intermediate or advanced disease, taking a high-dose formulation of antioxidant vitamins and minerals may help reduce the risk of vision loss. Research from the AREDS2 (Age-Related Eye Disease Study 2) shows benefit in a formulation that includes:

-- 500 milligrams (mg) of vitamin C
-- 400 international units (IU) of vitamin E
-- 10 mg of lutein
-- 2 mg of zeaxanthin
-- 80 mg of zinc (as zinc oxide)
-- 2 mg of copper (as cupric oxide)

The evidence doesn't show benefit in these supplements for people with early-stage dry macular degeneration. Ask your doctor if taking supplements is right for you.

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