Definitive test for asthma?

Posted by marioguye @marioguye, Oct 25 5:22pm

Is there a definitive conclusive test for asthma? If so what is it/are they?

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PFT test (Pulmonary Function Test) with a Pulmonologist. Just had it done this week and was diagnosed with chronic asthma. They will do the first test without Albuteral (asthma medicine) and the 2nd test with the asthma medication. I hope this helps. Blessings & Prayers for you to get better.


@marioguye That's a really good question. The best answer is that a variety of questions need to be asked, and one or several tests may be done based on your answer. @covidstinks2023 is right that one of the tests is the pulmonary function test.

Sometimes mild, exercise-induced, stress-induced or allergic asthma may be difficult to diagnose because the symptoms may not be apparent during a clinic visit.

If you think you have asthma, it is not a good idea to ignore it "because it's only once in a while" or "it's not too bad" – asthma can progress, and taking action to keep your lungs healthy at an early stage is really important.

This is a really good resource, both to help you decide whether to pursue a diagnosis, and to prepare for a medical visit where you would like to discuss it.
Do you think you have undiagnosed asthma?

I wad dx- ed by this test, my PFT was borderline, so pulm md said Methacholine challenge is higly specific to diagnose asthma. Not a fun test to do.

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Hiya. I'm a Registered Respiratory Therapist, ECMO Specialist Perfusion, Critical Care(NICU/PICU, CCU, ICU, ER). Also Asthma my whole life of 67 years. Been intubated cause I died in ER(Asthma). My Asthma is environmental and stress.

1. PFTs
2. Checking skin and blood for allergic Asthma. Looking at your immunoglobulin E (IgE) and looking to see if its high. (Mine was normal).
3. Do perfumes, air quality, cleaners, etc. trigger you with shortness of breath? Smells. Trigger environmental Asthma. I live near a large Chemical Facility(840 acres in Louisiana) that now has a LOT of chemical companies which they didn't have when we moved here. We are moving because all the chemicals released are killing me.
4. Are short of breath when doing physical activity?
5. YOU MUST tell your Physician everything. NEVER think it's stupid!!!!


How do they test for COPD with asthma ( allergy induced) overlap?


I think a Pulmonologist would do a Pulmonary Function Test on you for that. Blessings…

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