Decrease in urine out put

Posted by Candy @megwill100, Sep 19, 2016

Hi my name is Candy Jackson, I have stage 4 CKD, does anyone else have a decrease in urine, somedays I don’t go at all.

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@megwill100, Good morning, Candy. Please talk with your nephrologist about this. This is not something to leave to us amateurs. As for myself, had acute renal failure and during my treatment before transplant, this was a big deal. Rosemary

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I would suggest that you contact Da Vita online. They deal with all these problems and tell you the significance between them. I have 3rd. Stage CKD since chemo and they helped and advised a lot.

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Cindy, here is the weblink for DaVita that @irkay312 referred to above

Yes some days I have less urine output than others. I have a Urologist who I contact if I have secondary instances with my UTI. A reduction could be a need for more liquid intake or that you are simply sweating more which makes you dehydrated and there by less urine output. If you are truly concerned talk to your Urologist and do not assume it really could be nothing serious and stress you out for no reason.

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