Dealing with severe blood clotting after COVID

Posted by savevilma @savevilma, Nov 25, 2021

My ex wife, but dear friend, is struggling with blood clotting issues. Pain from major clots in her legs and lungs and trying to figure out the right balance between excercise keep the blood flowing and dodging the risk of stirring up blood clots that could cause damage to other vital organs. I read an article that blood clotting can is a cause of severe blood clotting in one third of COVID patients.
I am wondering if others are successfully or unsuccessfully dealing with the same issue?

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@savevilma, you're so kind to seek information on behalf of your ex-wife and dear friend. Blood clotting is a serious concern and she is right to approach exercise cautiously. Mayo Clinic Dr. Munipalli writes a bit about this in this blog post:
– Exercise Post-COVID

Is she continuing to be monitored by her doctor? What type of exercise has been suggested to her? What level of exercise did she do before COVID?

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