Dealing with LARS (low anterior resection syndrome)

Posted by shilo @shilo, Dec 6, 2018

I need help!!! Losing alot of weight down to 98 lbs. Have LARS very bad. Seen several doctor's here and not really able to help. Stuggling with depression for the 1st time in my life. I also am not able to sit down, to much pain with swelling and numbness on the right side since last colonoscopy. PLEASE...tell me where to go for some answers .. I am desperate!!! Thanks

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I JUST had an anterior resection. as I had. small cancer. My surgeon is brilliant and compassionate. She is away on vacation. My hospital care left a lot to be desired. Any tips for care at home? Foods to avoid? I'm a nurse practitioner and obviously know quite a bit. However, I'm a patient now. Thanks for any tips!

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My first question is if you have an ileostomy after your surgery? How long has it been since your surgery?

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