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linda berger

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daily headaches, neck, scapular and upper back pain

Posted by @lindaberger, Oct 10, 2012

My partner has been suffering with daily headaches, neck and upper back pain since shoulder surgery 4 years ago. The scapular area is extremely painful when massaged. He has tried acupuncture, target injections, physical therapy,botox, yoga, all sorts of meds with no relief. He has been to neurologists, orthopedic surgeons and pain management.any suggestions. The thought is that this might be nerve damage .The muscles in the neck and back are tight. Any advice. This pain has really made life so difficult.



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Posted by @duncan, Nov 6, 2012

What did the neurologists say? Does he have shoulder pain at the site of surgery? What was the surgery for? Does he experience less pain early in the morning? Does his work affect his pain? Does he work at a computer? Did physical therapy increase the amount of pain? What kind of pain does he experience? (Sharp, dull, deep, achy, etc). Are headaches always coupled with his back and neck pain? Does he experience frequent fatigue?


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Posted by @piglit, Nov 6, 2012

Hi so many questions that need answers for. Me myself have had expereince with nerve damage due to a work related incident. With me it came from my neck, However started to get numbness down the right side of my arm, and still have. The injury affected the left side c6 c7 in the neck. No explanation for this going to the right side. A further MRI scan may have shown something, but maybe not. An xray however has shown deteriation as we all get as we get older. I at times require physio if the neck goes into spasm and in the back re referred pain have also had short relief with acupunture My physio also uses a machine that helps release the spasms. Also heat can sometimes help which I apply to the lower back. This is my expereince and remember that everyones situation varies. Maybe go back to the specialtist and see if any other relief can be obtained for you. I wish you all the best and always here anytime Please let me know how you get along. Piglit

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