Gabapentin for pain and anxiety

Posted by jadillow @jadillow, Apr 24, 2019

I have had some health issues and chest and body pains for month. Currently I am on an event monitor as all heart test have came back normal. I used to be on wellbutrin and stopped per new doctor and had no withdrawal thankfully. He talked about prescribing cymbalta/Duloxetine and wants to try it for my random pains which include shoulder, chest, leg and hips at times. Also random bouts of lightheadedness. All on left side and randomly. Sometimes not at all. I am losing sleep because when I lay down and start hurting I fear for the worst. I have sinus bradycardia when resting but they are not concerned with that at this point

Does anyone have and experience with this as medicine as the only medicine I am on now is bp medicine and a calcium blocker. Thanks in advance. .

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How much were you taking and at what times of day? How did you quit? Did you have withdrawal symptoms?

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Went up to 3x day 300mg. Took evening 1then bed 2. Then tapered to one 300. Did that myself. No withdrawal symptoms.


I'm just curious if your side effects ever decreased in severity over the time you took it?
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The morning sluggishness and heavy feeling did not go away or change. I thought it was from my cancer stuff until dr asked how I was handling it. Then I pd attention to it. Once I went off to see if neuropathy was gone. It came right back, last time I decided to live w tingling over slow mornings. It’s not perfect and I think about going back. It was terrific for helping me sleep.

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