cyclic vomiting syndrome

Posted by mo kennedy @mokennedy, Aug 18, 2011

We just learned that our 13 year old daughter suffered from cyclic vomiting syndrome for the past 4 years. in the beginning, we were told she had headacheless migraines and to try giving her an antihistamine. we found that giving her a benadryl each night for the week she would usually be ill helped to prevent an episode. some times it would surprise us and when she would begin the severe abdominal pain she could take dimetap and prevent the episode as well. If she began throwing up then nothing would stop it. Has anyone found this to help?

My 35 year old daughter has this and the Dr. treated her for h pylorie . That is a type of bacteria that causes ulcers. She has not had an attack in 2 months which is wonderful as she gets sick for 4 or
5 days and always has to go to the hospital for IV fluids as she gets dehydrated from the constant violent reaching. I’m sorry your girl has this. It is terrible watching them be so ill and be so helpless to fix it.

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