Cutting edge therapies Stage IV pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma PDAC

Posted by carrera57 @carrera57, Oct 2, 2022

I look beyond the basic treatments and have read about Thymoquinone, a black seed oil shown to program cancer cell death in medical literature. Is this practical and how would it be used?

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@carrera57, welcome. Many of the promising new therapies get a lot of attention when they are still in pre-clinical stages, meaning that they are being tested in test tubes (in vitro) and/or mice (in vivo). That appears to be case still with thymoquinone and pancreatic cancer. See this journal article.

- The effects of thymoquinone on pancreatic cancer: Evidence from preclinical studies (2021)

To find clinical studies that are available for current patients, you can search Mayo Clinic's Clinic Research database or call a cancer study coordinator at 855-776-0015 to see if there are trials right for you.

Carrera, have you been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer?


A search on for pancreatic cancer and Thymoquinone does not show any trials yet. This site lists all clinical trials worldwide.

While in-vitro studies in the lab may look to have potential, It could take several years to show whether it has potential for a human clinical trial. It takes years of testing if it gets past a phase I trial to determine if it is usable as an anti-cancer agent.

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