Curious about my thyroid/hormone level test results

Posted by bbyango @bbyango, Apr 14, 2023

Hi, I’m 18 F, not on any medication, currently waiting for my doctor to get back to me about some blood tests I had done for my thyroid. I’ve been having really bad brain fog, headaches, trouble sleeping, among other problems, and got some of my hormones tested a few weeks ago with these results:


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I've been on meds for hypothyroidism for 35 years and have been told by endocrinologists that the TSH is the most important test for that. It indicates if your body is asking for more thyroid stimulating hormone. It's how they gauge if you have an under-active thyroid and how much medicine you need. Your TSH posted here is within the normal limits. I can't comment on the other tests. The main symptoms I had before being treated for low thyroid was I was freezing all the time even if it was 85 degrees and debilitating fatigue. My cousin who had it worse had those symptoms plus hair loss and a puffy face.

Good luck. I hope they figure out what is going on with you so you can get back to feeling good and enjoying life.


@bbyango and @californiazebra here at Mayo Clinic Connect we aren’t generally professional medical providers so we don’t diagnostic or prescribe. We can share our similar medical experiences to offer support and encouragement. I can’t make much sense of the lab results listed here. I do know that the thyroid level and the thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) are inversely related. I had hyperthyroid or Graves’ disease. My endocrinologist diagnosed and treated it. She told me she would continue monitoring it because sometimes it can reverse to hypothyroidism. My mother had this also. My daughter has hypothyroidism

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